Best-in-class extraction process

Our GMP-certified manufacturing process embraces state-of-the-art technology to optimize and regulate the preparation of our cannabis products, ensuring quality control is prioritized at every stage.

From plant to product

Our extraction process has been developed in partnership with a global leader in end-to-end extraction solutions.

1. Pre-processing

The moisture content of the plant material is carefully reduced to preserve the natural compounds of each chemotype through state-of-the-art drying technology before being finely milled or ground ready for optimal extraction.

2. Extraction

CO2 and ethanol as co-solvent are passed through the finely-ground plant material at a temperature and pressure to ensure the cleanest, highest quality yield, extracting selected compounds into full spectrum oil.

3. Winterization

Ethanol is blended with the full spectrum oil to achieve a homogenous mixture, which is then frozen to allow the fats and waxes to precipitate and removed from the ethanol-oil mixture by filtration.

4. Solvent Recovery

The filtered mixture is heated to evaporate the ethanol, which is then condensed to be collected and safely reused in a future process to minimise waste.

5. Distillation and Isolation

The winterized extract can now be further concentrated and purified to best suit the needs of the desired product.

6. Formulation

Using front-line technology and analytical methods, we can develop formulations that contain the most efficacious active ingredients from the cannabis flower.

At we produce and purchase a range of quality GACP cannabis flower to process through our extraction facility. We also perform contract manufacturing for other growers and distributors.

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Contract Processing

Our objective is to enhance your value by fostering a sustainable partnership through long-term purchase agreements or GMP-processing services. As an outsourcing partner, we provide a one-stop-shop service offering.

Supply Chain

Whether you’re a medical distributor or a pharmaceutical company, our focus is on providing you with personalized, top-quality cannabis-based products to meet your unique requirements.

Innovation is fully committed to validating the medical benefits of cannabis and bringing innovative products to the market through partnerships with world-leading institutes, universities, and other companies.