Industry-leading cultivation of sustainable, bespoke cannabis strains

At, we produce the highest quality of GACP-accredited cannabis crops. Our team are scientific leaders in their field, overseeing rigorous processes, cutting-edge facilities, and innovative methods to develop medicinal-grade cannabis flowers, extracts and isolates.


GACP-certified, medicinal-grade cannabis that meets the highest medical standards.


Sun – Powered by the legendary Portuguese Sun, we reduce our carbon footprint and run our facility by displacing fossil energy with green energy from our on-site Solar Farm

Water – We harness the abundant pure high-quality rainwater at our facility, store it on our on-site lagoon before using it to irrigate our plants. Water not consumed by the plants is recycled, cleaned and re-circulated to vastly reduce our environmental demands.

Bespoke development

Through crossing of chemotypes and phenotypes, we are able to develop bespoke cultivars of Cannabis sativa L. to meet specific patient needs.

Our facility

Based in Portugal, our multi-span glasshouse facility is the powerhouse of our cultivation. Led by a team of leading practitioners in medical and academic research, it has been designed with a range of best-in-class features to ensure the highest-grade products.

  • Fully climate-controlled by the most advanced software in order to follow a data-driven growing philosophy achieving higher yield using less resources
  • Powered by the Portuguese sun, supplemented when needed by LED lights to optimise growing conditions with the highest power efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly practices, from solar power, biocontrol, multi-screen protection, UV treatment, and water recycling
  • A wealth of industry-leading experience and expertise.



Through our industry-leading technology, we can tailor our cultivation and extracts of bespoke cannabis strains to your exact needs.

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Contract Processing

Our objective is to enhance your value by fostering a sustainable partnership through long-term purchase agreements or GMP-processing services. As an outsourcing partner, we provide a one-stop-shop service offering.

Supply Chain

Whether you’re a medical distributor or a pharmaceutical company, our focus is on providing you with personalized, top-quality cannabis-based products to meet your unique requirements.

Innovation is fully committed to validating the medical benefits of cannabis and bringing innovative products to the market through partnerships with world-leading institutes, universities, and other companies.